Kitchen Appliance Repair Pricing

Honesty is a key value of ours here at Appliance Repair, something which has always been embedded in our DNA. We’re proud to say this reflects in everything we do, from customer service to our repair prices. To receive an accurate quote from our team, get in touch with us today – we’ll always be happy to help or simply do it online. However, if you’d like a broad overview of how much we charge for kitchen appliance repairs, we’d like to provide you with all the relevant information you will need to get a basic idea of our repair prices.

What is a diagnostic fee?

You will be charged a fee for the identification of the problem. One of our fully qualified engineers will visit your home and check the appliance for faults. If a diagnosis is made, you will be charged a diagnostic fee.

This is from KSH.1000 and this will include:

  • The inspection of your appliance and the identification of the problem.
  • Identification of parts or components that are required to carry out a successful repair.
  • This process will involve our technical team, where they will analyse technical drawings in order to identify the correct part numbers. On some occasions, this process could take up to 15 minutes or even longer.
  • Securing the best prices for your parts. We will also provide you with an accurate ETA, so you know when to expect the delivery.
  • Regular communication with all our customers. We’ll ensure you’re given correct and accurate information regarding the diagnostic process, as well as making it available to you

Regardless of whether it takes 10 minutes or two hours to diagnose a problem, our diagnostic fee is fixed.

What is a labour fee?

ou will be charged a labour fee for our skilled, fully trained engineers to fix the fault with your appliance. Once the problem has been identified, we will always aim to complete the repair there and then – this will be a separate charge. Prices for this start at KSH.3000 incl. VAT. Here’s what it covers:

  • A complete repair which fully rectifies the problem.
  • A full functional test. This ensures that the repair was carried out successfully.
  • A safety test will be run on both your appliance and the socket where your appliance is plugged in.
  • A 12-month guarantee of the repaired fault and/or the parts that were fitted. This guarantee doesn’t apply to the symptoms your appliance is/was displaying.

Our labour charge is a fixed fee, regardless of whether it takes 10 minutes or two hours to repair your appliance.

Being experts in our field, often we are able to diagnose and repair an appliance very quickly, which is simply down to decades of experience. So, it’s important to understand that what may look like too much money for 10 minute job, in essence you are paying for decades of experience and expertise

The cost of our parts

If a part is needed for the repair of your appliance, then you will be required to pay an extra cost. However, we will always notify you of any parts that are needed along with how much it will cost. We will always await your approval before ordering or fitting parts, as well as notifying you of how quickly we can get them.

Why are the charges split like that?

We believe that our customers should only pay for what they need. If your appliance is beyond economical repair or cannot be fixed, then you will only be charged a diagnostic fee, allowing you to put the rest of the money i.e. the labour fee towards a new appliance if you wish – we think that’s fair, don’t you?

Isn’t a diagnostic fee the same as a call-out charge?

No, a diagnostic fee is not the same as a call-out charge, here’s what the difference is between the two:

Call-out charge – this would be due as soon as an engineer turns up at your home, even if you’re not in to greet them.

Diagnostic fee – this is only due once an engineer has been able to identify the fault with your appliance.

For example, you won’t be charged a diagnostic fee if the appliance isn’t accessible and as result our engineer can’t inspect it.

If I know the fault, do I still pay a diagnostic fee?

Even with known faults, we will charge you both a diagnostic and labour fee. Although, we can offer a small discount of KSH 500 - KSH 1000 overall. Often, the symptoms look obvious, but one of our skilled engineers will also be able to identify the reason or root cause of the problem.

Therefore, we always prefer to rely on our qualified engineers with their expertise to inspect an appliance and diagnose the problem. However, there are rare occasions where the customer’s estimate has been right.

Once the fault is diagnosed, do I have to proceed with the repair?

Only if rectifying the problem doesn’t require any parts. When called out to repair an appliance, our skilled engineers will always aim to fix the fault. If we can diagnose and repair your appliance on the spot without the use of any parts, then we’d like to do so. As a result, you will be charged the previously agreed upon price and nothing more.

However, if parts are needed (which are subject to an extra fee) we’ll ensure you’re provided with the relevant information, meaning you aren’t obliged to proceed with the repair. As the customer, we’ll always await your approval regarding cost, keeping you in full control. We’ll simply keep you informed.

Here at Appliance Repair, we provide dedicated repair services across a wide range of kitchen appliances. Whether you have an issue with your dishwasher, fridge freezer or washing machine, one of our highly trained engineers will be able to diagnose and repair your appliance with expert skill and precision. We’ll always keep you in the loop, from the estimated time of arrival (ETAs) of our specialists to accurate quotations, our friendly team will ensure you’re well informed throughout the process. To learn more about our kitchen appliance repair service, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.